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2015 SNCO Course:


Upcoming Courses / Events for the month of:


November 2015

  • Officer Basic Course

  • Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) Course (Tentative)

  • Workplan Seminar 2015

  • BCLS Provider Course (2015)

  • SCDF Parade 2015

October 2015

  • CLT General Meeting + Cohesion

  • SANA Course (2015)

  • Urban Adventure Civil Defence Skills Challenge (UACDC) 2015

Note: Date of courses are subjected to changes.

Rhino Mag Online Issue 15

Rhino Mag Online Issue 15 with HQ Staff farewell notes is now available for download!

Note: Please click on their picture or typography photos respectively to read on the HQ staff farewell messages!

For more Rhino Mag releases, please visit: Rhino Mag Online



NCDCC Directives

The NCDCC Directives are now available, please visit: NCDCC Directives