NCDCC Specialisation Model:

The new NCDCC Specialisation Model was officially launched on 8 April 2017 by Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry.


The NCDCC Specialisation Model aims to provide cadets with authentic learning experiences in three key functional areas of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) through realistic simulation and case studies. Cadets are able to choose the specialisation track that matches their strengths and interests to truly ignite their joy in learning, building their confidence in leading and strengthening their passion in serving.


The Specialisation Model also enable the cadets to take on the roles as Community First Responder to assist themselves and others around them in times of need, and to advocate life-saving skills to the larger community.


Click here to watch a video on the Specialisation Model.

NCDCC specialization model


Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Specialisation course will empower cadets with the skills and knowledge of general fire safety standards and provisions and be put through a series of practical activities and learning journeys where they would have first-hand experience in the operations of fire protection devices, fire drill and enforcement checks.


Medical Response

The Medical Response Specialisation Course will equip cadets with case studies of common emergencies and in-depth approach to performing critical emergency interventions. The course will also impart cadets with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the resuscitation of collapsed adult and infant victims and the use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to restore normal heart rhythms.


Urban Search and Rescue

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) involves the searching of victim, accessing into voids, providing medical stabilization and the extrication of victim trapped under structural collapse. SCDF USAR capability which is internationally accredited by the United Nations Disaster Assistance Council comprises mainly of SCDF’s elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART).


The NCDCC Badge Framework

With the inclusion of new NCDCC Specialisation tab, the new badge framework has been updated to the following:

NCDCC badges


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